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As per the government Resolution and directives of government of Maharashtra it will be MahaIT who will Acquire, Develop, Operate, Maintain and undertake improvement of technology relating activities such as software, hardware and networks for and/or on behalf of the Maharashtra State Government or any arm, entity, body, agency or corporation thereof; to undertake projects of eGovernance, IT infrastructure and IT enabled services anywhere either through in-house resources or engagement of suitable experts and agencies by outsourcing; to act as incubator, facilitator and/or promoter for projects involving innovation and/or unconventional concepts, in various areas including but not limited to public and other utility and/or welfare services with or without government participation, administration and management of any governmental affair.


As been the IT nodal agency for Government of Maharashtra and as per the Government of India directives the MMP will be taken up by MahaIT.

Department ICT Initiatives

The aim of MahaIT will be to design, develop and implement ICT infrastructure or technology to boost local economy, promote interactions and ensure security.
With developed skills and infrastructure MahaIT will undertake end to end ICT solutions comprising design, development, testing, production and installation of software, hardware, networks and establishment and operations of institutions.

CB & Training

MahaIT been nodal IT implementation agency of the state of government of Maharashtra, it will be MahaIT discretion to impart training to concerned departments and users. MahaIT will undertake all essential measures to develop specialized skills for ensuring availability of skilled manpower in the State to undertake, support and sustain ICT initiatives planned and implemented by the State in Maharashtra or elsewhere, and develop and benefit from inter-linkages of academic institutions and organizations.

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